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Wednesday, April 19



OPENING CONFERENCE - 9:15 to 10:15 - Conference room


DSI today!


State of Play! While the transformation is all the talk, what is a management information systems in 2017? What has become, what is left? What application do you him? How can it or should it be effective and relevant? What other dimensions can the CIOs integrate and lead, such as the Data Digital e-Commerce for example? Malika MIR and Isabelle VIALETTES offer their respective vision of the ISD, built on a long and rich experience in different industries and trades, such as Pharma Health and Retail Distribution. Considering the common and differences, we will try together to deduct without opposition some good practices and better ways of controlling the DSI good position within the organization following its industry and its professions. We will take a critical look at the scope of responsibility, management of daily life, that of development, the place and influence of the CIO in the context of Digital and Data processing, open innovation, especially in various business contexts. Taking advantage of our DUO DSI feminine, and given the specificities of their scope of DSI, we would question the features and contours, governance and management of an IT department headed by a woman? Can we note the characteristics listed communication or marketing of ISD for example? 


Fabrice BENAUT , conferences IT Manager Meetings, President iDeaTrans agency and Active Data Alliance





 Isabelle VIALETTES , CIO, Monoprix



WORKSHOP -  2:30 p.m. to 3:15 p.m. Conference room  


Re-imagine how you work with your employees.

Workshop led by the company CONNELINK 

With the tools of collaborative cognitive Following IBM, you will improve the efficiency, productivity and innovation in your business with the networking of information, sharing and communication . Watson artificial intelligence comes into your business through these tools. 


 Guillaume GESNEL , Leader - Consultant collaborative solutions



ROUND TABLE -  6:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. Conference room  


Safety in our open and connected organizations, a paradox? Or brake lever?


In a context of increasingly open to all or part of the ecosystem of the organization, often multiple, necessarily connected and mobile interactivity to meet the needs, how to meet with anticipation that demand variety and diversity, these many requirements in near real time, being more attentive than ever to the many aspects of security? Those of goods and people (new European regulations (GDPR, DPO)), assets and data, processes and flows, etc. How to participate in the value creation process by addressing these key security upstream? We confront here the viewpoints of suppliers and those of CIOs and CISOs seasoned users. 



Fabrice BENAUT , conferences IT Manager Meetings, President iDeaTrans agency and Active Data Alliance




 Carole MARECHAL , General Secretary (Legal, Governance, Compliance Certifications) DATA4

 Abdelkrim BOULKERCH , DSI Consortium Stade de France

 Jose FERNANDES, Regional Sales Manager, Malwarebytes

 Didier HENIN, RSSI et CII , BUT




Thursday, April 20


WORKSHOP EMERGENCE  9:00 a.m. to 10:15 - Conference room  


How to its effective and innovative CIOs, efficient and agile?


Guided by a method and open innovation (MNMS * MyNeedMySolution) based on collective intelligence, we will ALL reveal and bring out common needs CIOs and possible solutions to improve performance and agility. 

In this new edition 2017 IT Meetings goes even further and will surprise you! Not content to capitalize on our historic expertise, we integrate our beautiful annual appointment of CIOs and IT decision makers, this creative workshop to an innovative format, built for you. We use a method and open innovation (MyNeedMySolution, MNMS) which will build upon and add value to your collective intelligence! We give and both the ability to understand this new way of organizing innovation in your organizations and departments increasingly open today who must work in full cooperation, and both the opportunity to bring out all the common needs that you want to share and track collective solutions to improve your performance and agility. Accompanied by an expert team (MNMS * iDeaTrans), created the immersion also reveal many "hidden gifts" that will transform your approach to collaborative projects, and more global innovation in your organizations. * Built by 15 years of experimentation, MNMS is an innovation agency has developed an approach and an open innovation approach, using collective intelligence, which brings together 360 actors an extensive ecosystem (public sector , private, experts, citizens, businesses, start-ups, schools, researchers, designers, artists ...). She sailed upstream contributors by sponsoring partners, mentors and other supports, increasing the potential value before - during - after the proposed solutions. The ecosystem mobilized becomes the facilitator of transformation, the implementation and support of projects. 



Fabrice BENAUT , conferences IT Manager Meetings, President iDeaTrans agency and Active Data Alliance



Carole MAURAGE , founder of the method and open innovation approach MyNeedMySolution, MNMS based on collective intelligence for 15 years




ROUNDTABLE PROSPECTIVE  4:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. - Conference room  

The next transformation of the CIO? To initiate, or just bear?


What could or should be the next changes to the ISD, how to anticipate and prepare for them, without knowing necessarily all dimensions, creating conditions that would facilitate the necessary changes to minimum? Beyond the ISD, how to open up to new formats of business, scope, learning? What impact these new business models will have on the ISD, and more generally on the organization and activities? 



Fabrice BENAUT , conferences IT Manager Meetings, President iDeaTrans agency and Active Data Alliance




 Marie-Rose TRUONG , Head - Pole E-Systems and Information Technology, IAB France

 Patrick PINTO , Architect Cloud solution, IBM France


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